Consultant - Information Analysis and Reporting Specialist

Country: Iraq
Language: EN
Number: 935091
Publication date: 26-03-2017
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)


Consultant - Information Analysis and Reporting Specialist
Procurement Process : Other
Deadline : 12-Apr-17
Posted on : 26-Mar-17
Development Area : CONSULTANTS
Reference Number : 36601
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00085156 - ICRRP
Documents :
IC Notice 047/17 - Information Analysis and Reporting Specialist
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P-11 Form IC
Overview :

UNDP is assisting the Federal Government of Iraq (GoI) in strengthening its mandated institution for crisis response coordination. The Joint Coordination and Monitoring Centre (JCMC) was formally launched on 17th December 2014 and through a Council of Ministers’ Order issued in April 2015. On all matters related to crisis management, the JCMC is the dedicated government institution for coordination among government institutions and between the government and the international community. The primary crisis coordination network is composed of JCMC as the hub, focal points in critical ministries and Governorate Emergency Cells.

The JCMC continues to prioritize institutional development and operational capacity to fully assume its mandated duties and maximize its performance. Created in the midst of and in response to a large-scale crisis, JCMC has been compelled to assume a range of difficult responsibilities simultaneously with taking initial first measures for institutional development and staff capacity building.

The management of JCMC will continue prioritizing institutional development and operational performance in the coming years. To support the JCMC in achieving its organizational goals, UNDP is seeking to engage an Arabic-speaking Information Analysis and Reporting Specialist to be imbedded into the JCMC for the duration of four months. These Terms of Reference outline the requirements and outputs expected and the professional profile sought for the assignment.

B. Scope of Work

Reporting to the UNDP Crisis Response Specialist and the JCMC Executive Director, the Information Analysis and Reporting Specialist is responsible for supporting the JCMC management in strengthening the JCMC’s Information and Analysis Unit (IAU) with a focus on improving the quality of information products and services. The Specialist is expected to assume a range of tasks and responsibilities focused on in-house training and mentorship to the relevant JCMC staff and managers. This assignment is focused on introducing adequate tools, mechanisms, work flows and processes into the work of the JCMC IAU and ensure transfer of knowledge and skills to dedicated staff. More specifically, the Specialist shall assume the following duties and responsibilities:

Review the current working processes and practices of the IAU and identify both strengths and weaknesses from an efficiency and quality point of view;

Assess the skills and knowledge of IAU staff and manager, measured against their respective Job Descriptions;

Develop a capacity-building plan for addressing critical gaps in processes and practices as well as staff and management skills and knowledge;

Develop an in-house training and mentorship program and deliver it with a focus on measuring real learning outcomes and improvements in practice;

Develop tools and mechanisms for improving the processes and practices of the IAU;

Other related tasks as per need.

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